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>  On 12/29/2013 5:42:43 PM, "hep" <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:
> Are we really going to literally debate the semantics and levels at which
> a white person is allowed to use the n word and have it somehow not be
> offensive?
> Some feel actions matters, some feel syllables matter. Personally, I feel
> one can NEVER say the N word, and still be a raging racist (certain
> politiians, for example).
> People who say intentions don't matter, only syllables, a person
> is automatically a racist because of a syllable. I do not agree, and I
> consider that a corrosive position.
>  I think if we debate what words are offensive to whom, we'll wind up
> making lists of all the words that any one person finds offensive. I don't
> think that's sensible.
> I agree that NB needs a harassment policy, or something like it. It just
> seems congruent with "be excellent to each other".
>  my concern is policy and policing. i spent a couple hours hanging out
> with the comedienne who used n, and she's a totally sweet, kind, humble
> person. She says wants nothing more than to bring joy and laughter into the
> world, and i believe her. She was clearly traumatized by getting literally
> shouted out of noisebridge, as she described it to me and J.C.
> Is shouting people out the door for using a verboten syllable the
> noisebridge we want?
> Personally, i'd call that abusive. I'd call that harassment.

Everything e-mail you send is like another window into a parallel universe.

Maybe this budding comedienne should have already known that adopting
personas of a different race than yourself for comedy skits is passé and
isn't going to bring joy and laughter into the world they way they think it
will and not everyone is going to appreciate such a spontaneous
performance. - As you said before, she was doing a "white lesbian does
black lingo persona" and I'm not sure what is supposed to be funny about
that unless it's ironic because she ISN'T actually a white lesbian after
all? ? ? ?

I also hope that she is happy with the representation you're giving of her
on this list, because you're not really painting the best image here. - I
am sorry she is traumatized ? ? ? - I doubt she is unwelcome from the space
permanently but sometimes when conflict arises, vacating the premises for
the rest of the day and letting everyone cool down is a good idea.

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