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On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Curtis Gagliardi <
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> She said it intending to be funny, what else do you want to know?
> The question of what are we even talking about is a good one though.  I
> thought it was about whether or not this was a ridiculous overreaction or
> not, but I see people addressing whether or not they think it was funny,
> whether or not the world is always offensive, whether or not eminems use of
> the word is offensive, etc.

The SNIA will also launch a detective drone to investigate What Are We Even
Talking About. I will wait diligently for its return to the underground
crime lab before responding again.

(It might be possible for me to take this scenario the least bit seriously,
but that will probably not happen on this thread.)

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