[Noisebridge-discuss] New potential hackerspace in Benicia

bandit bandit at cruzio.com
Mon Jun 17 15:53:49 UTC 2013

Also suggest taking a look at http://schoolfactory.org/spacefed - they
help hackerspaces with info, a 501(c)3 umbrella, advice, monthly open
conference calls, etc. Quelab (where I am) is currently a member. You can
think of SF as a "hackerspace incubator".

But - by all means have folks from NB and AMT and SudoRoom come and talk.
You will need to decide on some specific "flavors" y'all want your space
to have. A simple example (and not to dis NB) - NB does not charge
visitors, no matter how often they come to the space. Quelab and most
others charge a nominal fee after the first visit (first one always free,
like any good drug dealer...) - kind of a wino fee to keep random folks
from just wandering in. A $5 visitor fee means the visitor has a bit of
skin in the game. Not going to get rich off it. Quelab sells a card for
$20 good for $25 (ie buy 4, get 5). Early days, but positive response.
Also used to pay for workshops, etc.

Decide what perks a formal member gets vs a visitor. What is the
membership process?

Enough to get y'all food for thought ... bandit

> We are in the beginning stages of getting a hackerspace started in
> Benicia. We seem to have good support right now from the town as well
> as other groups. We would really like someone from NoiseBridge to come
> to our next meeting and perhaps answer some questions about how to get
> started. Is there anyone familiar enough with how NoiseBridge is run
> that would be willing to join us in the next few weeks?
> Thanks,
> Aaron Newcomb
> http://www.thesourceshow.org

bandit at cruzio.com

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