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Everything you said in that second-to-last paragraph is pretty much true.

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 9:59 PM, LinkReincarnate
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> I didn't intend to email you off list (just clicked reply) sorry.  Here is
> what I sent for everyone to see.LinkReincarnate9:08 PM (16 minutes ago)
> I find it amusing that you fail to see the irony here.
> I would be all right with kicking someone out who is part of a hate group
> or advocates white supremacy bullshit.
>  *So would he.  But you wouldn't know that judging him on appearances.*
> *
> *
> You see my arguments as defending a racist and I see them as defending
> critical thinking.  Are you falling prey to the same flaw in thinking that
> white supremacist groups do? I think you are.  But that's okay I'm just a
> white man what could I possibly know about discrimination or racism right?
>  White Men don't understand these problems.  The world is under my heel and
> people bow out of my path when I walk.  There's no way that I could know
> how it feels to be beaten in the street for the color of my skin or know
> the weight of living under the burden of another groups privilege.  I could
> never have anything to fear from white supremacy groups cause I'm white.
> Right?
>   If you want to ban people because they look scarey fine.  Keep in mind
> that in doing so you would be committing the very act for which you revile
> him.
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