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I didn't intend to email you off list (just clicked reply) sorry.  Here is
what I sent for everyone to see.LinkReincarnate9:08 PM (16 minutes ago)
I find it amusing that you fail to see the irony here.

I would be all right with kicking someone out who is part of a hate group
or advocates white supremacy bullshit.
 *So would he.  But you wouldn't know that judging him on appearances.*
You see my arguments as defending a racist and I see them as defending
critical thinking.  Are you falling prey to the same flaw in thinking that
white supremacist groups do? I think you are.  But that's okay I'm just a
white man what could I possibly know about discrimination or racism right?
 White Men don't understand these problems.  The world is under my heel and
people bow out of my path when I walk.  There's no way that I could know
how it feels to be beaten in the street for the color of my skin or know
the weight of living under the burden of another groups privilege.  I could
never have anything to fear from white supremacy groups cause I'm white.

  If you want to ban people because they look scarey fine.  Keep in mind
that in doing so you would be committing the very act for which you revile
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