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Yes.  There's a difference between intolerance (in general) and
intolerance-of-intolerance that escapes (or even confuses) some people.

Intolerance:  Not OK
Intolerance of intolerance:  OK, helpful, even.

You choose whether to get or show a tattoo.  You don't get to choose to be
born white or black or LGBTQ or whatever.  As a (huge, privileged,
relatively fearless) white guy, if I see the guy with the white power
tattoo, I will confront his apparent racism.

Dennis Gentry
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On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:23 AM, hep <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:

> i honestly cannot even believe that people are actually saying "oh
> minorities, why can't you just be nice to the skinhead, you are part of the
> problem". because fyi: this is exactly what you are saying. perhaps you
> might want to rethink your position because it is one of incredible
> privilege that simultaneously erases the experiences of minorities in this
> country and tells them to just get over their on-going oppressions and
> struggles. white power nationalism is on the rise in the us right now.
> incidents of violence against minorities are also rising, particularly
> against latinos because of increased anti-immigration racism. can we stop
> with the telling minorities how to think and feel, and telling them they
> are the problem, and perhaps one of you white guys who are so concerned
> with the feelings of the white power guy could approach white power guy so
> a minority doesn't have to be the one to experience fear and discomfort,
> and ask wtf is going on with the white power bullshit? also fyi: whenever
> you tell a minority to get over their experiences, or that their
> experiences and perceptions of such aren't valid you are actually being a
> huge racist. we don't need white people or people in privileged positions
> to analyze our reactions for us, or qualify whether they are valid. please
> don't be this kind of racist.
> -hep
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 10:18 AM, Adrian Chadd <adrian.chadd at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On 18 June 2013 10:09, hep <dis at gruntle.org> wrote:
>> > yeah, everything here is certainly about how i stated i have a monopoly
>> on
>> > suffering, and not just trying to defend myself and other minorities
>> from
>> > continuing to feel the suffering that we experience in all other walks
>> of
>> > life at noisebridge, while a bunch of white guys stand around and
>> justify it
>> > and tell us to get over it. and people wonder why minorities need
>> minority
>> > only safe spaces to feel safe in, it's because of situations exactly
>> like
>> > this. and by all means "exercise your brain" while perpetuating the same
>> > tired white racism excusing that the rest of the country has been
>> practicing
>> > for centuries. because white guys have never said to "give the white
>> power
>> > guy a chance, he isn't so bad (to us white guys)" before. really
>> thinking
>> > outside the box here, son.
>> Gah,
>> Plenty of kids growing up have tattoos. They got them as part of local
>> gang initiation. Some of them went on to ride motorcycles. You know,
>> gangs that traditionally espouse "white pride" and such. Except, hey,
>> if you grow up in certain parts of Australia (and the US), there's
>> plenty of "<non-white> pride" going on. And if you're the white guy
>> living in that area, sucks to be you. You may even feel pressure to
>> join a gang of your own so you don't get beaten on alone. Does this
>> make you a bad person? How can you get the hell out of that cycle?
>> I understand if seeing skinheads triggers you. I have my own similar
>> reactions to certain groups and types of people. But if you push those
>> people away, you're contributing to the problem, not making it easier.
>> There's a whole bunch of research into groupthink and group
>> polarisation, which starts by _pushing away people who think
>> differently to you_ and _pushing away people who you see as a threat /
>> out-group_. Those people form groups of like-minded, polarised
>> people.. and their polarised beliefs get even more polarised.
>> Guess what? By pushing people away, you may be contributing to the
>> problem.
>> 2c,
>> -adrian
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