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MIke C rsw19800 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 23:35:20 UTC 2013

(I've been following this list since I started coming to NB since the
end of May. This is my first contribution)

I think this is a great idea. I've only been coming into the space for
a few weeks but there's a few frightening things I've noticed.

I would love to help out on this workshop. We should get the white
power guy to come and put him on the spot, then once we've destroyed
his arguments and he's banned from the space, have the SFPD kick his
ass outside the gate downstairs. This should give everyone in the
neighbourhood a good impression that peckerwood whiteys need to watch
their step here.

I also think we should put together some sort of anti-sexuality
workshop. A week or so ago when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I saw
someone I didn't recognize. This guy had a gay pride tattoo on their
arm and were wearing a black shirt with 'breeders for fertilizer'
written on it under a denim vest. This is also hate speech, and if
anyone recognizes this person he should be asked to leave as well.

Before you accuse me of comparing apples and bowling balls here, this
is a very similar situation to your peckerwood. Neither have actually
broken the law as it stands (where the I AM A RAPIST guy someone
eluded to would have had to if it were true), but they make folks
uncomfortable and yes, a hackerspace can exclude whoever the fuck they
want to.


On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Liz Henry <lizhenry at gmail.com

> Thank you hep and snail, well said. I wonder if you might want to join me> in hosting an anti-racism workshop in the space some time in the next few> weeks -- in July. Another possibility is having an antiracism meeting> happen where some of us can develop and disseminate some of these core> values and assert them in the space.
> - liz
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