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Lillian Fleurs lillian.fleurs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 22:46:37 UTC 2013

For the record, yes Dru, yes you did begin to unzip my pants without my
consent and it was not until I jerked away (not asked you what you thought
you were doing) that you stopped. What you were doing definitely felt like
I would have been raped had I not reacted so quickly.

@Danny: I acknowledge your point and have (hypocritically) agreed with it
since final months in SF. However, it was actually the 24 hour WiFi
resources within the space that allowed me to sort out my life and find a
place to live outside the city as well as acquire the ride to get me out

@Jeffrey: And as far as the injection goes, like I previously stated my
shot was already late and I WAS looking to have it administered somewhere
else. It got to the point however that my bodies hormonal levels were
becoming severely unbalanced to the point of EXTREME moodiness and
extremely uncomfortable heat flashes. A 22 year old girl is not suppose to
suffer through menopausal symptoms. I apologize for having to take time
sensitive medication that needs to be administered via injection. Perhaps
this entire incident never would have happened had my doctor not prescribed
me such medication. I guess I should blame her for Dru's behavior instead.
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