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Thu Jun 20 18:26:45 UTC 2013

+1 Danny

A (painful) lesson I learned living in co-ops & punk houses as a teenager:
when living and open community space try to exist in same place, a
conflict will inevitably arise and one of these uses wins out. Noisebridge
has felt like a living space lately.

There is a clear need in SF for public kitchens and showers, creative
housing, general activist meeting, storage and hang-out space. I take an
expansive view of hacking, but I don't think Noisebridge can exist as a
functional, welcoming workshop and hackerspace while being these things.

(If someones wants to build physical or technological infrastructure for
such pursuits in the space, or use the by-laws, membership process,
experience of Noisebridge as a model, I am fully supportive!)

~ Dana

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