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Liz Henry lizhenry at gmail.com
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Thanks for asking him to leave, Leif, and also thanks for letting the list
know about it!

- liz

On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 8:27 PM, Leif Ryge <leif at synthesize.us> wrote:

> This afternoon I asked an older man named James to leave Noisebridge.
> This is loud obnoxious James who used to wear a cowboy hat and be around
> frequently. Today was the first time I've seen him in several months; I
> heard he has been in southen california.
> Based on conversations I've had with him and with people who know him
> better than I do, I believe he harasses women on the street and responds
> poorly to suggestions that he should stop doing that.
> I told him that I would prefer that he *not* return to the weekly
> meeting, but that if he wants to see if the rest of the community agrees
> with my assessment that he should not be at Noisebridge he could attend.
> He said he will stay away until the meeting and will come to "stand
> trial".
> I think James epitomizes the truism that by including some people we are
> actually exlcuding others. I hope we don't need to spend too much time
> discussing him at the meeting.
> ~leif
> ps: Thank you to the 3 people who agreed to join me in having this
> difficult conversation!
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