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Leif Ryge leif at synthesize.us
Fri Jun 21 20:19:21 UTC 2013

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 11:58:01AM -0700, Shannon Lee wrote:
> No, if you generate a one-time pad of random hashes, such that...
> 1 -> foo
> 2 -> bargain basement
> 3 -> mickey mouse
> 4 -> jet plane
> ...et cetera, then we maintain frequency counts and timing while
> anonymizing specific codes, and you can't brute force it because there's no
> hash function.  You can even throw away the one-time pad, because the
> timing data makes it easy to map "mickey mouse" back to specific entries if
> you have the original dataset.
> I think Curtis' suggestion actually has the same properties.
> --S

I was talking about making pseudonymous (not anonymous!) door code logs
public a few months ago, and started on a project to do so. I'm sorry I
haven't finished it yet, and glad to see others interested in doing this

(Previosuly I heard a few concerns which I think I addressed, but mostly
a lot of meh.)

My plan was/is to replace the flat file of codes + comments (which
frequently have email addresses which obviously should not be made
public) with a json file that has a 3rd field called "nickname" that
users can optionally choose, knowing that it will be publicly logged.
The nicknames can be randomly chosen initially.

I began implementing that here:

The converter script works, but has boring names ("pseudonym 751dfb0"),
and I have not tested the changes to baron.py yet.

I was thinking of trying to generate pronounceable gibberish names, but
haven't done that part yet.

I am not going to have time to work on this today or tomorrow but this
thread inspiried me to push the little bit of code I wrote so far in
case someone might find it useful.

If nobody else publishes something by Sunday, I'll probably work on this


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