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Wed Jun 19 17:43:38 UTC 2013

I am going to address this now, albeit tired of this conversation.  Some
dude has a racist tattoo, and my husband goes to say something to him.  First,
he talks to an intelligent guy whose already talked to the man, though, and
a person who is pretty much the opposite of a bigot.  This guy says that
the man is not a white supremacist and was forced to get those tattooes.  My
husband takes him at face value, because they’re both good people with no
reason to lie.

Then, this group-think-tank says, “Oh, no, that guy has to go,” and my
husband, who was raised by a very nice old black guy that used to be in the
Marines, took up for him because he had been forced to get those tattooes,
which were now just an unfortunate part of his appearance.  And so the
group think tank calls my husband a racist, which is laughable, but kind of
the same as calling a person an asshole.  I didn’t marry an asshole, a
racist, or a sexist, and any insinuations otherwise is likely a case of
regionalism, which is like racism, but, as you’ve probably guessed by now,
against people from differing regions.  Is it scary to see such a smart
person from such a stereotypically dumb part of the world?  I wouldn’t
know; I’m also a great deal smarter than I’d let on, and from the same part
of the world.

We are not proud of our southern heritage.  We grew up in a racist part of
the world, but you would have to be an idiot to be a racist where we are
from, because white people are in the minority there.   (Granted, there are
some idiots there; we just don’t fall into that demographic.) We’re not
idiots and we are not racists, so maybe the ignorami suggesting it could
just shut the fuck up and go read some books past Dr. Seuss.  And stop
throwing homeless people out; it’s tacky.  It’s like holding up a sign that
says, “I’m a bad person who doesn’t give a shit that you have no roof over
your head.”  Or holding up a sign that says, “I’m racist against poor
people.”  Or, “I’m a classist fucktard, and if I had lived during the
French Revolution, somebody would have beheaded me by now.”

And for the record, there are many forms of racism, and, as a mixed person
who looks white, I got to see a whole spectrum of it, and I wouldn't have
married my husband is he was foolish enough to be a part of that.
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