[Noisebridge-discuss] REPLY TO JEFFERY (whoever that is)

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Jun 25 02:48:47 UTC 2013

Michael Clift:
> What I do at NB:
> Hack electronics,build bike trailers, have conferences, design DA's for
> SF,study,research,make my own clothes.contribute 150 bucks a month for
> food, which I cook for anybody who is here,moderate/facillitate meetings of
> various activist cells, clean up my own mess, and generally get along with
> everybody here. I am not educamated past a year of college, so forgive me
> for not being a techno-wiz, I could give a shit about code,games, or LED
> lights. This is to me a point of contact for various activist/anarchist
> WG's and a vital resource for tech and comms. I was invited here 2 yrs ago
> by Jurgen,Dana and Rob R...never had a problem since. I am a vehemently
> hetero sexual white male over 30 that thinks all the discussion here is not
> worth my time. Kindly delete me from the list, you are sissies, (albeit
> bright,"priveledged" sissies) but unless I am asked by Mitch or Jacob, I
> will continue my work here....visible,invisible,"worthy" or not. I do not
> harrass people, I do not sleep here, this is my base of operations and
> office.

Our space is explicitly and vehemently pan-sexual. People are welcome on
any line of the spectrum if they treat people with respect. It is
explicitly not excellent to be racist, homophobic, transphobic or a
bigot in any way at Noisebridge.

Calling people sissies is mostly impolite and at best, a great deal of
us cross that line. Still, it isn't actually what most of us would like
to see in the dialog or in the space.

> Cool e-mail, though Naomi...I appreciate your wit and candor. The
> censorship bit has to do with the whole gay voice>straight voice, and the
> ageist/generational bias of NB Khmer Rouge current.
> Just because we do not see each other "working"doesnt mean I will come off
> like my work is more important or valid...we all do different stuff here,
> at different times...BE IT HARM NONE, DO WHAT THOU WILT.
> You guys can "run" this however you wish, it doesnt mean a fig to me. All
> this "priveledge shit" didnt even exist 10 yrs ago...yes America is blah
> blah blah....and I should know that EVERY 20 something trans gendered
> whatever the eff is SOOOOOOmuch more smarter than everybody else, and that
> despite the attempt by every little marginalized human is trying to carve
> out their own unique set of priveledges........ha! you kids dont even
> know.....for me, this is all so 25 years ago....

The saying goes:

"Do what thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law, the law is Love, Love
under Will."

The corollary saying is perhaps more fitting:

"Do what thou Wilt and harm none."

We didn't create Noisebridge for you to spread your hate about trans
people, gay people or any of the white power garbage[0][1] I've found
elsewhere on the internet.

If you're actually a racist who is into white power nonsense, I'd like
to take you up on your offer - kindly leave Noisebridge until you are
interested in the ideals of an open pluralistic group and are interested
in working for a just society on equal basis regardless of race, gender,
sexual orientation, age or other.

If I'm mistaken and you're not actually longing for the Third or Fourth
Reich, I apologize. If you are - a few people, including two gay Jews
founded the space, you're one of the few that isn't welcome until you
change your heart, your mind and your thinking processes.

All the best,

[0] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/therealskinbyrds/message/755?var=1&p=1
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Covington

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