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Thu Jun 27 21:43:32 UTC 2013

On 6/26/13, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's my response to the Rebase Meeting Notes. I'm "JR":
> JR: Need "maintainers" to handle areas: kitchen, electronics bench,
> classrooms, woodshop, etc.
> scott: wants to build lockers.
>      -JR: Hells yes. With locks.
> mik: tiered access, people should be vouched for before they can use the
> space for more than two hours
>      -JR: Hells yes.
> jarrod: related to cleaning -- The Hack Shelves... define a process for
> excoriating cruft
>      -JR: There are two processes needed. One for the one-time purge
> that's needed, another process for on-going maintenance.
> james: Dub Rack.
>      -JR: what's that?
> mik: the rabble thinks NB is a place to come hang out. Ppl get buzzed in
> w/o being greeted, enculturated, etc.
>      -JR: yes.
> JC: if you buzz someone in, you should greet them at the door. naomi:
> post a list of procedures next to the buzzer!
>      -JR: NO, this is exactly what has NOT worked up until now. We
> cannot put that expectation on users, they WILL NOT DO IT, just as THEY
> HAVE NOT BEEN DOING IT. You can say "you should" all you want, you can
> put up a list of procedures, but they STILL will not do it. And as a
> user, i do not WANT to do it-- i've got work to do. NB needs trained
> greeters.
> leif: NB is not going to be amenable to NOT being open to the public.
>      -JR: Yes, that's supposed to be on the "Things we will not change"
> list. But does Leif mean temporary, or permanent? A temporary closure of
> any public space for renovation etc. is reasonable. If someone is
> "dependent" on the space for survival such that a two-week closure will
> cause them grief, is that NB's problem?
> v: people need to be introduced to the
>      -JR: To the what?
> CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS v: PPL who hack the things that we need. mik: The
> Occupiers, The Homeless People, ppl who treat this place as a shelter.
>      -JR: Occupiers and homeless people hack things we need? No, they
> mostly don't hack anything.
> james: keep accessibility for ppl from all walks of life.
>      -JR: Yes-- TO HACK!!!
> leif: everyone's empowered to ask ppl to leave.
>      -JR: Terrible process, turns anyone into a self-appointed bully.
> People have been asked to leave for no good reason-- no consistency in
> criteria. Many do not want to deal with the confrontation. DOCENTS
> should handle it.
Just a few thoughts...

Clean, smelling good and maybe a few plants can ^ mood & creativity.

Depending on the situation, getting the offending person's attention
and asking nicely to stop doing whatever is offensive can work. Some
people are really good at doing this, so if you're not comfortable
asking someone to knock it off, or if you're too ticked off, asking a
friend to approach them on the issue can help. Sometimes it helps to
take a break when things get heated.

For example, someone who is too loud or leaves a mess, ask in a
positive way and address the specific behavior, not the person.

Finally, threatening to call the police is assumes manipulative
coercive force. It is malicious, a total failure, and should not be
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