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Scott Feichter scottfeichter at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 28 00:34:19 UTC 2013

I second the plants idea. Be happy to help on this as needed.

On Jun 27, 2013, at 2:43 PM, Garrett Smith <dhtmlkitchen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 6/26/13, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here's my response to the Rebase Meeting Notes. I'm "JR":
>> JR: Need "maintainers" to handle areas: kitchen, electronics bench,
>> classrooms, woodshop, etc.
>> scott: wants to build lockers.
>>     -JR: Hells yes. With locks.
>> mik: tiered access, people should be vouched for before they can use the
>> space for more than two hours
>>     -JR: Hells yes.
>> jarrod: related to cleaning -- The Hack Shelves... define a process for
>> excoriating cruft
>>     -JR: There are two processes needed. One for the one-time purge
>> that's needed, another process for on-going maintenance.
>> james: Dub Rack.
>>     -JR: what's that?
>> mik: the rabble thinks NB is a place to come hang out. Ppl get buzzed in
>> w/o being greeted, enculturated, etc.
>>     -JR: yes.
>> JC: if you buzz someone in, you should greet them at the door. naomi:
>> post a list of procedures next to the buzzer!
>>     -JR: NO, this is exactly what has NOT worked up until now. We
>> cannot put that expectation on users, they WILL NOT DO IT, just as THEY
>> HAVE NOT BEEN DOING IT. You can say "you should" all you want, you can
>> put up a list of procedures, but they STILL will not do it. And as a
>> user, i do not WANT to do it-- i've got work to do. NB needs trained
>> greeters.
>> leif: NB is not going to be amenable to NOT being open to the public.
>>     -JR: Yes, that's supposed to be on the "Things we will not change"
>> list. But does Leif mean temporary, or permanent? A temporary closure of
>> any public space for renovation etc. is reasonable. If someone is
>> "dependent" on the space for survival such that a two-week closure will
>> cause them grief, is that NB's problem?
>> v: people need to be introduced to the
>>     -JR: To the what?
>> CONCERNS ABOUT ACCESS v: PPL who hack the things that we need. mik: The
>> Occupiers, The Homeless People, ppl who treat this place as a shelter.
>>     -JR: Occupiers and homeless people hack things we need? No, they
>> mostly don't hack anything.
>> james: keep accessibility for ppl from all walks of life.
>>     -JR: Yes-- TO HACK!!!
>> leif: everyone's empowered to ask ppl to leave.
>>     -JR: Terrible process, turns anyone into a self-appointed bully.
>> People have been asked to leave for no good reason-- no consistency in
>> criteria. Many do not want to deal with the confrontation. DOCENTS
>> should handle it.
> Just a few thoughts...
> Clean, smelling good and maybe a few plants can ^ mood & creativity.
> Depending on the situation, getting the offending person's attention
> and asking nicely to stop doing whatever is offensive can work. Some
> people are really good at doing this, so if you're not comfortable
> asking someone to knock it off, or if you're too ticked off, asking a
> friend to approach them on the issue can help. Sometimes it helps to
> take a break when things get heated.
> For example, someone who is too loud or leaves a mess, ask in a
> positive way and address the specific behavior, not the person.
> Finally, threatening to call the police is assumes manipulative
> coercive force. It is malicious, a total failure, and should not be
> tolerated.
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