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here is an email I sent in response to Jacob's email to me....it has the
announcement that I would be at the Tues meeting...I am sorry that not
everyone got it, I thought I had sent it as a reply all. As you can see, it
was dated a couple days ago.
Also you guys, I have no bad feelings but do wish NB Cadre had at least
given me a chance to "defend" myself...as you may I have noted, I left
without incident.
As to Bellestarr, she does have a way about her, but that is neither here
nor there as concerns how I feel about whats happening over there...quite
shocked at LR's outburst but whatever...I am not a Nazi nor do I disparage
woman or anyone else. Please continue to respect my projects (in stasis)
until I am able to retrieve and relocate to another space where I can work
un oppressed. Heres what I wrote to JA:

to Jacob
Hi Jacob, thank you for taking the time to adress me.
 I must first apologize for my tone on that discussion topic, I let my
emotions overcome me. I need to make it clear that the only thing I can
claim to "hate" is the Establishment. I am NOT a mysogonystic nazi guy. I
dont know who this character thinks he is or what he is trying to do with
this fabrication of a letter (at best a composite of things I wrote during
an investigation over 5 years ago,complete with reply) but I will own my
own unexcellence in the discussion board.
What bothers me most about what has happened to NB the past couple months
is the "blanket accusations"(guys claiming to speak for the girls) levelled
at cool people, and the corallary fire directed at people seen to "defend"
those accused of racism or sexual predation in the abscence of any real
proof, a kind of "thought police" trend...
Without any proofs, with only hear say, it would seem a certain clique is
out to expel other people who simply disagree with them. ( or happen to
wear backpacks, and I think you know what I mean)
I will readily admit my past dalliance with all sorts of wacky groups from
hard core para military ventures to 6 months in an ashram having visions of
a jewelled lotus, my past doesnt or shouldnt matter to NB. NB is NOW. What
have I done in the PRESENT that would warrant exclusion from a place I find
so dear, so important, in so many ways (not the least of which is the
civic/hack/collectivist/revolutionary platform/anthro-experimental oasis)
I am from the 70's dude, when Marlo Thomas sang to us, "Free to Be, you and
Me" and I watched an Indian guy cry atop mounds of garbage at the end of
every broadcast day. All this is bullocks, as anyone who  "knows" me will
attest, (if given the chance)
I will attend the meeting tonight, and I certainly hope anyone who has a
problem with me or difficulty speaking on their own behalf (as opposed to
making poor Leif the funnel guy)would attend.
Once again, Jacob, it is the tendency to ambush with unfounded allegations,
in order to dominate the space with "pure,or elite" hacker-ism that I think
is actually sort of restrictive.
In short, I challenge anyone with a real issue to present it. And of
course,present us as a group with the requisite habeas corpus to rightfully
expel anyone who has hereto fore been keeping to themselves.
BTW thanks for making NB in the first place.
P Mike, most definitely NOT trying to spread the hate....but if others hate
what I say...slippery slope. No more harsh language from me, just to be
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