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If everyone who disagrees enough leaves, what's that leave behind?

Selection pressure indeed.


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>> Thank you for caring! I got really sad about someone else's offhanded

>> comment that if we do any realtime meetups around harrassment issues,

>> there

>> is no use because the people who need them won't be there...


>> Which is to say, that person believed that harassment is only the problem

>> of skeevy creepers, and those they creep on.


> Um...  /me scratches head.  I wonder why they believe that.  Anyway, I

> disagree and I'm still interested in a specialized list/group/event.


>> I believe it's helpful for anyone who wants to demonstrate that they

>> retain some humanity to engage with the issue.  I also believe that

>> anyone

>> who is interested in the problem is qualified to engage with it, and in

>> fact the entire thrust of hackering is that you don't need anyone's

>> permission, or to reach an educational benchmark, to begin working.



> I just realized this thread may have drifted from Garrett's initial intent,

> which may have been more about "what policies should nb adopt now to solve

> urgent social problems such as people sleeping or cooking."


We live in a police state. It's dangerous, oppressive and harmful.

Most probably know someone or have themselves been the victim of

police abuse. The police are there to protect the state and corporate

interests, not the people.

They are more dangerous and a bigger threat than the junkies and

thieves, jaywalkers, drivers, etc so prevalent in my neighborhood. I

want them out. Can't obviously fight them because they will only get

more (backup).

If the reasons given for cop calling are reduced then the police won't

have as much justification for their costly gas burning

terrorism/wealth redistribution (public sector jobs). It's really

important to both wake people up to the tyranny and to provide a

viable alternative.

But sure, NB might be a good place for beta testing consensus based

resolutions, talking shit out, getting to know people. I just don't

know where to start with this.

Seriously considering leaving the country, in anger. FTP.



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