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> I'm imagining something distinct but complementary to the "rebase /
runlevel 6" movement which I see as more specific, short term, and
concrete. By contrast, I believe what we are discussing here is more like
an ongoing discussion group about social change within noise bridge.

There is a group that formed called social engineering, they met for a
while and did some awesome work creating structures etc. Not sure if they
are still meeting? It all seemed very boring to me, policy-oriented and
spending a lot of time talking. Not judging, just sharing my reaction. I
think examining these kinds of reactions within myself is important because
it gives me clues on why some people don't like to use a given method.

> Does that distinction make sense?  Nuts and bolts versus skills and

I grok.
As a group we at nb characterize ourselves as short on skills and theory in
the social department. For me this has always been an interesting thing to
look at because a) less cruft to clear out when making changes and b) NB is
an inherently social project begun by people doing work that is usually
done, instead, in isolation. Still chewing on that last one.

> I'm thinking more along the lines of discussion groups, workshops,
show-and-tell for topics like conflict resolution methodologies, mediation
techniques, communication skills, therapeutic techniques, safe-space
facilitation, consensus lessons learned talks, etc...

Enjoying this envisioning of an ongoing effort in the NB culture around
social issues. If someone wants to organize I would be happy to
participate. If someone thinks that, because skeevy bros have chased me out
of noisebridge, I should organize a program for their education, I invite
them to google around until they find a blog post someone has made about
why it is not the responsibility of the oppressed to educate their
oppressors.  I invite them to google extensively around the subject of how
to be a good ally, and the concept of an ally in the context of
anti-oppression work.

> regards.

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