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> There is a group that formed called social engineering, they met for a
> while and did some awesome work creating structures etc. Not sure if they
> are still meeting? It all seemed very boring to me, policy-oriented and
> spending a lot of time talking. Not judging, just sharing my reaction. I
> think examining these kinds of reactions within myself is important because
> it gives me clues on why some people don't like to use a given method.
>> Does that distinction make sense?  Nuts and bolts versus skills and
> theory?
> I grok.
> As a group we at nb characterize ourselves as short on skills and theory in
> the social department. For me this has always been an interesting thing to
> look at because a) less cruft to clear out when making changes and b) NB is
> an inherently social project begun by people doing work that is usually
> done, instead, in isolation. Still chewing on that last one.
Theory... Well, the basics of what government thugs are and do might
help the government loving folks in SF.

Given the responses here, does it make sense to revive the
socialengineering mailing list?

> social issues. If someone wants to organize I would be happy to
> participate. If someone thinks that,

I don't know what to do about it. I'm not the one calling the cops,
polluting shit. A common motto: Non Maleficence.

I saw them today, armed thugs glowering in the crowd. Meanwhile a
speaker was talking about Manning's bravery. How ironic.
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