[Noisebridge-discuss] Asked to leave: Tony Longshanks & Veronica

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Jun 30 00:44:07 UTC 2013

Hi Carl,

I agree with Tom that Tony should never come back to noisebridge after 
what he did to the building.  If he wants to come back to the space, I 
would consider it a pre-requisite that he first pays back the landlord for 
the damage done to the staircase in the process of rescuing him. (material 
costs, labor, and his time) first.

Also he didn't clean up after himself, and so instead, Dan had to clean up 
for him.  Days of human shit and all of tony's abandoned property, 
apparently.  I assume Tony just wants us and the landlord to forget all 
about that so that he can continue to use noisebridge for whatever he uses 
it for.

As for your question of whether he's a repeat offender, i think Tony has 
offended a lot of people at noisebridge over and over again, and he has 
not changed.  I think he has had way too many chances and just stay the 
fuck away.  But as i said, if he wants to come to a meeting he should 
first pay back the landlord and Dan for their troubles.


P.S. apparently Harvey is living in the stairwell and gets trapped there 

Carl wrote:

Hi Tom,

I understand that Tony having been trapped in the closet was a while ago, 
and despite that he shouldn't have been there, I'm sure he didn't intend 
to become trapped.  Unless he's been a repeat offender, shouldn't he at 
least be given a second chance, as he's likely learned his lesson?

What I would like to know is:  Was it previously consensed on at a meeting 
that he should be banned from the space?  And if not, is this your main or 
only real argument for telling him never to come back?  What authority do 
you have for telling him this, as opposed to simply telling him to leave 
and come back to a meeting to discuss this, which is the usual procedure? 
As far as I recall, no one has suggested Tony has ever been a threat to 
anyone in the space, so I would like to know more about why people are 
insisting that he be banned.

I am just trying to find out more about this issue.


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> From: Tom Lowenthal <me at tomlowenthal.com>
> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Asked to leave: Tony Longshanks & 
> Date: June 28, 2013 10:57:44 PM PDT
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> This evening, I asked two people to leave Noisebridge.
> I asked Tony Longshanks LeTigre to leave and never come back. I did so
> because of the events leading up to him being trapped in the closet
> behind the elevator and breaking out through the drywall. During our
> discussion he affirmatively stated that he was in that space because
> he was storing items there. I told him that this was unacceptable.
> I asked Veronica to and not to return unless she wanted to discuss our
> disagreement at a meeting. Our disagreement centered around leaving
> food at Noisebridge, and one's obligations with respect to ensuring
> that everything is cleared up afterwards. Veronica took issue with my
> tone.
> I also had a discussion with Jim, who had brought the food which
> prompted my conversation with Veronica. He asserted that he always
> ensured that food he brings is cleared up. His response to my request
> to clean up was combative, but he left immediately.

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