[Noisebridge-discuss] hack session: brain-controlled crossbow: eeg + android + arduino + woodwork

Steve Castellotti sc at puzzlebox.info
Mon Mar 11 22:53:39 UTC 2013

Hey all-

     I presented on brain-computer interface (BCI) at Five Minutes of 
Fame back in November. Previous BCI hacks at Noisebridge include 
helicopters with Miloh, McHawking with Jake and Hao, and a fire fountain 
with Sue. I mentioned that there may be some interesting projects coming 
up if people were looking to get involved with (or just learn about) BCI 
and related technology.

     I have been asked to build a brain-controlled crossbow for a series 
of presentations next week, and would like to invite any curious 
collaborators to (one or more) open hacking sessions probably on 
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons. If successful this could 
lead to some future undertakings at a much larger scale.

     We'll be modifying a real crossbow to be aimed and fired using BCI. 
In the first instance we'll start with a basic EEG from NeuroSky but I 
will also bring some cutting-edge gear from g.tec for finer control. The 
following skills will be relevant:

  * Android development

  * Arduino integration with Android (using a Mega ADK)

  * Servo motor control (operated via Arduino)

  * Python/C/C++ for integrating with the g.tec EEG

  * Basic carpentry and woodwork

     Please feel free to contact me on or off-list as you prefer.



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