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Free event - Future Salon comes to SF. - RSVP.

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Trillions flock to SF TechShop for Future Salon Tuesday 9th April 6pm

Please RSVP http://goo.gl/fFIJt for Tuesday 9th of April Trillions
Future Salon at TechShop in San Francisco.

The other month for the first time in ages I went to a tech event in San
Francisco. Personal Cloud folks met. Loved it. 

There was on person in the tweet stream that cracked me up continuously
and once all presentations where done, I really wanted to find him and
asked around, but no one knew him. 

Later that evening I forgot all about my original quest and was deep
into conversations with a couple of folks about the layers of the
internet and what nature has figured out years and years ago and what is
missing in our current architecture. 

Loved that, wanted to hear more about it, but Mickey McManus needed a
ride back to the hotel to get ready for the keynote he was giving at an
event in San Francisco. 

It was on the way, so I drove him, also to hear more about his research
and book: Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology

In exchange for bringing him back to the hotel he promised to do a
Future Salon. 

It happening! Tuesday 9th of April 6pm at the TechShop in San Francisco.
926 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103. 

Yes, not at SAP this time, as there is Virtualization Week and all rooms
are booked. It has been ages that we have been in San Francisco and I
can't wait! 

6pm networking reception. By then I hope to have some food and drink
sponsorship organized, let me know if you have a lead or want to chip
in. Thanks!

7-9pm Interactive Presentation Future Salon style. I am sure folks can
get a little tour of the TechShop too, if you ask nicely. 

And yes, only later that night I realized that the funny #pcloud tweets
where from Mickey, like the one above. Can't wait to find out more about
his research. Please join us and RSVP http://goo.gl/fFIJt. 

See you all there, Mark. 

P.S. East Bay friends of the Future Salon. Now is your chance to BART. 

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