[Noisebridge-discuss] To the @#$er that broke into my member shelf...

VonGuard vonguard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 16:57:36 UTC 2013

Ya'll are missing the point entirely. There is one single reason this
shit keeps happening. Every time it happens we have these exact same
discussions. The fundamental problem here is the open door policy.
Noisebridge is in the middle of hobo central. Having an open door
policy in the Mission is asking for trouble. If we are, indeed, to
trust strangers, and to expect the unexpected, the only possible
solution for both is to lock the damn doors and bar the strangers
without an escort by a member.

Seth's right, 83c never had this problem, because we all knew each
other, or at least, the pool was smaller. People weren't coming and
going all day, and frankly, you had to be in the know even to know
where the space was.

I am entirely in favor of a door code changing on a monthly basis,
which only members know. It's not a complete solution, but I really
think we need to skim off the crap that has settled on top of the
Noisebridge soup.

As always, the quasi-hacker types just cock the space up. Remember
Tastebridge? Is that still a thing? Why the fuck did we have it to
begin with? Because people who aren't "hackers" want to play too, so
they bend Noisebridge's purpose to something they're interested in, so
they can hang out here too.

Noisebridge is paid for my members. Is it unreasonable to expect that
these members should feel safe and secure in the space they pay for?
If you paid for membership to a golf club, and your clubs were stolen,
and the fairways were covered in homeless people who didn't play golf,
you'd stop being a member there.

The metaphor is the same here.

I know, it's a great huggy, love fest when it's an open door policy.
But fuck the love fest, there's other orgs dedicated to that.
Noisebridge is about having a place to work on your projects with
tools too large and too expensive for your home. It's also about
learning, but neither can happen if all NB ever does is have
arguements about whether or not it might hurt the homeless dood's
feelings if someone maybe perhaps asks him possibly if it would maybe
be OK if he would consider not masturbating at Noisebridge. Maybe. But
that's cool if he wants to, man, I don't want to harsh his vibe or

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 7:57 AM, John Withers <jwithers at reddagger.org> wrote:
> On 03/22/2013 04:47 AM, Dean Mao wrote:
>> Since I don't visit NB that often, I kind of wondered if transients just
>> use NB as a 2nd home.
> I think you are really selling NB short here.
> Many of them use NB as their first home.
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