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Just to refresh everyone's memory, Noisebridge is a do-ocracy. That means if you see something that needs to be done, or something that it would be cool for the space to have, you are responsible for doing it.

Instead I have seen a few messages lately that would indicate we are moving to a yoodoo-ocracy ("You do it") or perhaps even a hoodoo-ocracy ("who will do it?"). I've seen a few messages literally telling James what he has to do for the fundraiser, by people who couldn't be chuffed to spell fundraiser right, much less lift a finger to help. I've seen emails from others, castigating someone for not doing something in particular without consulting the Latest Greatest Pie-in-the-Sky Paradigm on how to do it (the refreshment discussion earlier is a great example).

That's not how it works, people.

I invite anyone who cares about the *community* of Noisebridge (as opposed to just wearing their bright spangled Noisebridge {TM} name badge), the next time you hear someone in the space, or see someone on the email list, making a suggestion, or even worse, castigating others for "not doing it in the manner approved by the Self-Actualization Guild of America", you join me in the spirit of do-ocracy and tell those people "You suggested it, you volunteered for it."

And yes, I suggested it, and I have volunteered.

You want some cool hackery device or art installation in the space? Congrats, you just elected yourself. You object to the state of snackness at workshops or classes you aren't going to attend anyway? Shut up or step up.

And no. There is no excuse that magically exempts you from this. This is Noisebridge. If you want to belong to a group where people stand around and tell others how/when/why/where to do stuff, I hear there's still an Occupy camp somewhere in town. You can sit around with the others and discuss how terrible none of the fat-cat bankers will come outside and pick up your garbage.

- Reverend Mik McAllister
Purveyor of Subversive Fiction

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