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Hi all! Arizmendi closed before I could find parking so I will pick
something up from Bi-Rite, hopefully kosher, and a burrito for myself!


On Thursday, March 28, 2013, Mitchel McAllister wrote:

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> Just to refresh everyone's memory, Noisebridge is a do-ocracy. That means
> if you see something that needs to be done, or something that it would be
> cool for the space to have, you are responsible for doing it.
> Instead I have seen a few messages lately that would indicate we are
> moving to a yoodoo-ocracy ("You do it") or perhaps even a hoodoo-ocracy
> ("who will do it?"). I've seen a few messages literally telling James what
> he has to do for the fundraiser, by people who couldn't be chuffed to spell
> fundraiser right, much less lift a finger to help. I've seen emails from
> others, castigating someone for not doing something in particular without
> consulting the Latest Greatest Pie-in-the-Sky Paradigm on how to do it (the
> refreshment discussion earlier is a great example).
> That's not how it works, people.
> I invite anyone who cares about the *community* of Noisebridge (as opposed
> to just wearing their bright spangled Noisebridge {TM} name badge), the
> next time you hear someone in the space, or see someone on the email list,
> making a suggestion, or even worse, castigating others for "not doing it in
> the manner approved by the Self-Actualization Guild of America", you join
> me in the spirit of do-ocracy and tell those people "You suggested it, you
> volunteered for it."
> And yes, I suggested it, and I have volunteered.
> You want some cool hackery device or art installation in the space?
> Congrats, you just elected yourself. You object to the state of snackness
> at workshops or classes you aren't going to attend anyway? Shut up or step
> up.
> And no. There is no excuse that magically exempts you from this. This is
> Noisebridge. If you want to belong to a group where people stand around and
> tell others how/when/why/where to do stuff, I hear there's still an Occupy
> camp somewhere in town. You can sit around with the others and discuss how
> terrible none of the fat-cat bankers will come outside and pick up your
> garbage.
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