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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 14 22:40:05 UTC 2013

I'm back from 6 weeks in China, where I set up an ongoing Hackers In Residence Program at the country's leading university (where there will be an ongoing diverse stream of hackers from all over the world, all expenses paid, to mentor students there about the cool stuff they do -- email me to find out how you can be one of the Hackers In Residence), and will be leading 3 Circuit Hacking Saturdays at local libraries this month.  The first is this Saturday, described below.  --  Mitch.
I will be teaching soldering to people of all ages,
at the Mission Bay San Francisco Public Library!
Saturday, November 18th, 1:30pm - 4:30pm
All ages, All skill levels, All welcome!

Call to register: 415-355-2838(limited to the first 20 people.)http://sfpl.org/index.php?pg=1014385501


This is a great chance to learn how to solder, and learn a bit about electronics.
It is perfectly fine if              you've never soldered before!  
You            are welcome to come to learn how to make            cool things with electronics -- kits (listed below).  All free! 
Where: Mission Bay Program Room, Mission Bay San Francisco Public Library          960 4th Street
When: Saturday, November 16th, 1:30pm to 4:30pm          Limited to first 20 people!Who: You! It is            fun to make things in the friendly community of the library           All ages. All skill levels. All            welcome!Cost: Kits and Instruction are Free!          All kits are designed for total            beginners to complete successfully     Call to register: 415-355-2838(limited to the first 20 people.)http://sfpl.org/index.php?pg=1014385501 

Some of the kits available:TV-B-Gone--                (turn off any TV in public places!)"Hi                    My Name Is" badge -- (your name in lights!)Trippy RGB Waves -- (interactive blinky                    lights!)MiniPOV -- (write messages in                    the air!)MintyBoost -- (portably charge your phones and mp3 players!)
More                  info is available on the above kits at:http://www.CornfieldElectronics.comhttp://www.adafruit.comhttp://analogmachines.com/
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