[Noisebridge-discuss] What the literal HELL are we letting happen to us and the space??

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 03:17:26 UTC 2013

Firstly- do note my REAL human name used here. Secondly- openly saying I am
NOT in the bay area now nor am I likely to live there for several years. So
I've no personal dramas face-to-face with anyone involved on or off list. I
do want Noisebridge to EXIST and thrive so it will be there when I do live
in town:>

What part of "Be Excellent" have we forsaken- or have we forsaken ALL of
the concept?? I see a damned NOT EXCELLENT risk about the potential
forkings in progress. To heaven or hell is our choice. ARE we thinking of
Excellent or Petty?  I beg us to be mindful of what's risked.

If we sterilize the space of all we arbitrarily choose to nitpick out- we
reproduce the Hotel Rwanda Effect. Yeah- I am playing this century's Godwin
Risk ...

Or is it too damned uncomfortably spot on? We're not being Excellent to say
someone is more or less WORTHY in Noisebridge for bullcrap perceptions.
Often judging so superficially as to where the PERSON  plays a part of the
ecosystems symbiosis!  And becoming a Purity Police?

Hacking is not in a idealistic fantasy vacuum of only the elite. The person
we have help us carry stuff in and out of NB thus *IS* part of Hacking,

One fork to survival for NB is balancing all the elements for having a safe
welcoming space where Hackers and yes- their colorful swirls of camp
followers can peaceably co-exist. The "Camp followers" are part of the
ecosystem so to speak as I See it... And if they behave- we cherish them
-or banish those who misbehave. Sums up to : CHERISH the Hackers and their
supporting entourages so long  as we keep a safe space:>

The fork to doom is a Toxic Gulag ORDNUNG! sort of Headspace, where crap
rules applied crappily& repeatedly DEFYING Common Sense will murder any
soul Noisebridge still has. Protecting some whou should not be and kicking
folks who should be as said-CHERISHED?

That stuff likely will be Game Over.

Forgive my rant and DO constructively address my points.

Oren Beck

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