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On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 11:13 AM, jim <jim at systemateka.com> wrote:

>     As to females being harassed, for cases of
> crude coppings of feels, I dislike taht female
> turning to the community for support; I would
> eagerly defend any female who hauled off and
> slugged whoever copped a feel or to go get some
> friends and return to verbally educate the
> offender: it's dis-empowering to perceive one's
> self as a victim and turn to a community for
> support for what is an individual incident.

Whoa - whoa whoa whoa - whoaaaaa...

Time out - did you really just say that women who get groped ("cases of
crude coppings of feels") should not ask the community to help them out?
And you believe that it's disempowering somehow??

And that people should just punch people or deal with it on their own? Is
this really what you're suggesting?

>     There will be no way fully to suppress such
> actions taken by horney and inconsiderate
> personages, policies and rules and committee
> resolutions aside (far, far aside, I hope).
I can't even. Here's a good way to suppress the actions of "horney" or
inconsiderate people: never let them back in Noisebridge because that's a
terrible excuse for their actions!

>     Please ask yourself if you are prone to
> express yourself when you believe you have the
> "high ground" and can properly scold others. I.e.,
> are you living too much with anger?

With the rage of a thousand burning stars.

TO EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS - There are lots of people in the community
at large who will help you out if someone is creeping on you or worse,
whether you are "taht females" or just a plain ol' human being! Don't let
what Jim says dissuade you from reporting harassment or assault or pointing
out creepers! This is not an opinion everyone here carries. Please don't
ever feel like it's your fault or that you're required to punch people -
it's a valid and rational response to remove yourself from a dangerous
situation and try to sort things out later from a safe place rather than
confront your harasser/assaulter. If someone is creeping on you, they are
pretty much always creeping on OTHERS, too, so you are not alone or stuck
in some isolated personal incident! And as a community we can try to make
Noisebridge a safer place for everyone.

Also, women really appreciate being called women and not "females". Do you
go around saying "the males" when referring to men? Probably not.

Angry forever,

............. _ at y
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