[Noisebridge-discuss] anti-anonymity proposals

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 16 01:17:53 UTC 2013

"The members only policy has broken my heart and I've been struggling with a sense of frustration ..."

>>> Thank you for the wording, that is exactly how I felt about this but it was hard to express it correctly.

>>> I hope that the place will open again to the public in a ways of making sure it is again an inviting to both hackers and supportive crowd (as someone nicely put it few emails back). 

>>> I'm going to propose a suggestion to a new threat because one thing which I think Jake was/is right is that there were not really pronounced alternatives or push to implement them and without a special effort things may be too challenging for increased number of people who are physically around Noisebridge these days, it looks like that there is a need to change the atmosphere - not to the old days I think, you do not "step in the same river" at Noisebridge but something what is closer to the ideas on which or from which Noisebridge started to grow and did and hopefully will again flourish.

>>> Sincerely,

>>> FAA

>>> PS It may take me day or so, I want to make a wiki page on it to do it right.

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On Saturday, November 16, 2013 6:19 AM, Darius Garza <313kid at gmail.com> wrote:
> I strongly encourage anyone with a sense of WTF to come to a meeting and
> resurrect Leif's proposal to revoke all member only consenssies. Two folks
> two meetings prior did just this but their proposal was blocked. Something
> similar but different could be brought back at some point. 

>I also strongly encourage people to do this, and to perhaps suggest alternate
>ideas which could achieve some of the well-meaning goals of the misguided
>selectively-enforced-members-only policy...

The members only policy has broken my heart and I've been struggling with a sense of frustration and hopelessness about changing things. 

I'm not a member, nor an "associate member" but I will be present at the next meeting to support Leif's proposal to revoke the member's only policy that has stripped us of the culture that I once loved. 


On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian.chadd at gmail.com> wrote:

On 15 November 2013 11:43, Leif Ryge <leif at synthesize.us> wrote:
>> If the members of Noisebridge insist on making policies I implore them to make
>> policies which are more MAY and SHOULD than MUST and SHALL.
>I've implemented internet protocols like this. It turns out people can
>and do ignore MAY/SHOULD when it suits them / when they're lazy.
>That only works when everyone involved are actively working to better
>the community as a whole. It doesn't work if everyone is acting in
>(mostly non-enlightened) self-interest. Principles, whilst admirable,
>need to be backed up with constant work. I see lots of principles..
>then I saw a dirty kitchen, people being abusive at meetings and
>people feeling unsafe in the space.
>It turns out ideals and principles aren't enough.
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