[Noisebridge-discuss] proposal to improve wording of recent membership proposal

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Nov 17 01:55:07 UTC 2013

This posting is a repeat of my post on November 3rd.

I intend to push for adoption of this proposal at the next meeting.

the proposal should be worded as follows:

  What was consensed as

  "Noisebridge's space shall be open only to members and associate members
  at any time. A member or associate member may at any time invite a person
  into Noisebridge and host that person at Noisebridge as long as that
  member or associate member remains at Noisebridge. No other person shall
  be permitted at Noisebridge at any other time."

  should be changed to

  "Noisebridge is open to Members, Associate Members, and guests sponsored
  by same, at all times.  Any person who is not one of the above may be
  asked to leave if no Member or Associate Member present wishes to sponsor
  them at that time, with no other justification being necessary.

  People coming to Noisebridge who don't know anyone should be introduced
  to members who are present so that sponsorship can occur if members
  present choose to do so at that time.  Noisebridge should present itself
  as "open to public visitors and guests as often as possible"

If you have suggested amendments to this wording please say so now so we can 
begin the discussion.


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