[Noisebridge-discuss] entropy report (gate codes work again)

Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Tue Oct 8 17:10:21 UTC 2013

My $.02 inline...

On Oct 8, 2013 7:57 AM, "Dana" <dana-lists at sonic.net> wrote:
> Gate codes should work again! Something happened to NB's network (I dare
ask), but I was able to reach minotaur internally, add an alias for
api.noisebridge.net to the hosts file.

> Bathroom 1.0 has light socket, toilet troubles. I found a temporary lamp
but wasn't able to locate a plunger or auger. If you have either tool and
inclination to approach this disaster, hackers everywhere will rejoice in
your greatness!
Auger; as I understand, someone snapped off the head of a cleaner brush in

> Kitchen stove remains non-functional, a pair of unprotected, live wires
were hanging out of the breaker box. I placed screw-caps on these to
prevent an accidental electrocution.
I too suspect that those words have to do with the bathroom troubles.

> Front door camera, lights, audio are down. And that long extension cord
that ran downstairs has apparently been relocated.
> Elevator is off, possibly due to dead light?

Most important: the elevator had been "red flagged" by the city. The Otis
guy can't look at it without the landlord's signature, which I think Kevin
S. is getting. The cause is the standard light fixture someone installed;
it tripped a breaker.

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