[Noisebridge-discuss] 2 weeks till FCC FM radio application - status reports & wiki updates please.

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Oct 8 19:26:36 UTC 2013

It's 2 weeks till FCC zero week & application due.

Status reports requested, please.

Norman - Have you gotten the FCC FRN # for NB?
Have you got the frequency readings & availability on the radio wiki
Do we need any official documentation from nb board, or nbs property
leasor re permission to put a transmitter antenna on the roof, if that
os the chosen location?  Will you please put something about this on the

Thanks for all your great work!  :)


What is the status of the NB nightly news broadcast?  Will someone
please make a section for this on the wiki?  Who is leading the news
Who will be announcer?  Who will be reporters?  Who will do community
contact &announcements?

What has been the outreach to other hackerspaces so far?  What responses
re content have been rcd?  Have they been invited to join the nb discuss
email list & talk about content tgeyd be interested in working w nb to

Music: Anyone put times on the weekly schedule for shows they'd like to
host? Wiki.

Please reply to this email with what you've worked on & accomplished, &
what you plan to do this next week.  :)

The more we have going on, actually accomplishing, both here ay nb & in
the usa hackerspace community via email online, the stronger our FCC
proposal will be.

Please take a few minutes right now to:
1) Update the radio wiki pages, &
2) Reply to this email.

Thanks.  :)

What are your accomplishments?

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