[Noisebridge-discuss] Subject: Re: Proposal: filtered exhaust fan for compost bin

cynthia lee cynthia.jeanne.lee at gmail.com
Sat Oct 12 21:05:45 UTC 2013

The most practical solution to this problem is to use bio (compostable
bags) in the 5 gallon white plastic pail already in the kitchen and put
compostable materials in these only. These bags would be tied up when full
and placed into the green bin. Fly problem and odor resolved OK as long as
trash is taken out twice a week? The white pails are very easy to clean if
there is a leak. rebag any leaky bags before placing into green bin. Cheap
and no moving parts or nonhuman energy needed.
This plan requires a working elevator to prevent back injuries.

Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
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