[Noisebridge-discuss] Making a TV show and I need staff (actors, behind-the-scenes people, etc.)

Elizabeth Hubbard emhubbard28 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 20:24:07 UTC 2013

I should clear up a few things.  The people whom I want to be my actors are
not trolls in real life; they're just the people who played the characters
in my mind.  Also, this will be a feminist show, so, Romy, please feature
the collective work at your Feminist Film Night.  The main character's a
female who totally kicks ass.

I see no problem with writing comedy and imagining people I like playing
the roles.  They've always been very nice to me and super-funny in real
life, and comedy needs people who are nice and super-funny.  I've been
asking around Noisebridge for weeks, "Do you know where these people are,
because I want to make them stars of my TV comedy," and had to go to the
mailing list for help.

Also, Alaric does win.

Anyway, given that the show is called The Trolles, I'd have been seriously
disappointed if no-one showed up to troll the thread.  And, Rubin, I'm
sorry but I can't put my hand in your ass, because I'm married and I can't
think of any way to explain the broken hand bones (from ass-crushing) to
the doctors for the inevitable surgery.  You guys are all hilarious; please
be in my show.

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 9:54 AM, Elizabeth Hubbard <emhubbard28 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Noisebridge Discuss List Members,
> I'm making a comedy radio/TV show called The Trolles.  I type-cast two
> characters directly after people at Noisebridge.  Their names are Dante and
> Dee (the people at Noisebridge whom I want to act in my show).  Dante's a
> blond haired, long haired guy who wears a brown jacket, and Dee's a 5'6ish
> black lady in her early twenties who has a mohawk and safety pins in her
> ears who wears a black leather vest.  Somebody please contact them and tell
> them that it is imperative that they act in my show, because they're the
> main characters and other actors aren't interested in working on spec.
>  Anybody else who wants to be in the show, please respond to this thread or
> e-mail me at emhubbard28 at gmail.com.  It's an edgy, family-friendly
> comedy, and I'm the writer-producer.  The pay from ad revenue will be split
> equally amongst all of actors, writers, and staff members.  Given the
> content and the talent of the very talented people at Noisebridge, this
> should work out really well for everybody.
> Sincerely,
> Elizabeth Hubbard
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