[Noisebridge-discuss] One week to FCC radio Zero, aplcn license due. What is your progress report. Mtg tonight. Tues Oct 15 6-8P Raise money for starting transmitter Part 15.

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Wed Oct 16 01:17:49 UTC 2013

I love you all, & I love Noisebridge,
but am I the only one who emailed anything of progress about nb radio
this week?

Norman & I can't do this by ourselves.

If the Noisebridge community wants to get a valuable FCC broadcast
Nb people are going to need to both _do_ some progress,
& either post it to this mail list, or better, put it on the wiki.

== Please reply here to this email with any progress from this week.

Giovanni:  Though extremely busy with personal responsibilities, I
1) investigated starter FM xmtr kits,
2) posted an email about Quality Kits good kits for nb,
3) talked to Hams about measuring field strength.
4) Talked to an sfarc.org leader about antenna location, & this project.

SFARC SF Amateur Radio Club 's monthly mtg is this Friday, 8pm, at the
veterans hospital in nw sf.
Please _you_ come to that mtg to informally meet, greet, & invite hams
to help nb licate a free antenna location near a hilltop to maximize our
local area signal reach.

Tonight's meeting todos:
1) Take notes & put on the wiki, as JC? did several mtgs ago.!

2) Find the exact box containing Noisebridges noisebridge, announce to
everyone everywhere, including at the nb radio mtg, the nb general mtg,
the entire space(walk around), & at the front door, politely if the will
make a donation ti the transmitter fundraising.

Ask if the can donate one time $ 100?  $50?  $25?
If yes, THANKS!  :)
If no: "Please give whatever you can tonight.  It is important fir both
Hackers, & noisebridge."
Say " Thank you!  :)"  For whatever they donate!

3) Outreach to other hackerspaces, per the list on the nb usa radio wiki
4) Outreach to global hackerspaces. How?  Via hackerspaces.org mail
Social media? Etc?

What are your hot topics for tonight's mtg?

Remember:  you don't need norman or I to be there for the mtg to start.
The mtg starts when the first radio person walks in.  

Good luck!  :)

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