[Noisebridge-discuss] Private Address Forwarding proposal to USPS

Sai noisebridge at saizai.com
Thu Oct 17 21:42:22 UTC 2013

FWIW: I tried posting about this to HN, /., & reddit, but my posts
seem to have gotten canned. It's not something that benefits me
personally. I'm simply trying to get it a public discussion, so the
public can formally express support (or otherwise) of a proposal whose
sole purpose is to improve the privacy of ordinary mail users (like

If you really do think it's a worthwhile idea, I'd sincerely
appreciate if you take some time to reshare, post it yourself to those
&c sites, and let your media contacts know. Thank you.

- Sai

On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 6:48 PM, Sai <noisebridge at saizai.com> wrote:
> http://s.ai/paf
> I've proposed the USPS adopt Private Address Forwarding, and the USPS'
> comments are in.
> tl;dr proposal: Google Voice for postal mail. The USPS assigns you a
> unique ID, you tell them where to forward that ID, and they can't
> disclose who it belongs to or where it goes without court process or
> your permission. You could get mail that's just addressed to "PAF
> 13JS-00EG-C, United States", and it'd automagically get routed to you.
> You can also choose to give UPS, FedEx, etc permission to access the
> forwarding info if you want.
> tl;dr benefits: Getting mail while preserving your privacy; never
> having to update your address w/ everyone when you move (just w/ the
> USPS); cheaper & easier than PO boxes.
> Take a look & tell them (and me) what you think. :-)
> Enjoy,
> - Sai

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