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On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 7:45 AM, Hilaire Nollette <metatecque at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hmmm,
> Because I come from a background of education, i may read between the
> lines where others don't...
> They need a Lab... All the good labs of the 90's that were built for the
> schools have become sadly deprecated (why can't we have nice things?)
> Noisebridge has a fully functional electronics lab, and then some.
> I am hearing from educators all over the bay (and the US) that technical
> education is severely lacking in public-schools.
> Can we be that Gap filler?
> I am happy to teach, and I know others are.
> I see Noisebridge as a "sandbox" where we can develop a model that makes
> learning fun and easy.
> Lemme see some positive feedback, please?
> And Thank You,
> Hiliare
> _______________________________________________

I wish we had more people stepping up to address "all this" head on.

To be refreshingly blunt in comparison to the political niceties we're
drowning in - The Gender Brainwashing DOES start in cases like deprecation
of skills and substitution of cultural footbindings. I salute you for
calling them out on it. Which earns you a "Well Done"  award-for Leading By
Example in this situation.

Gender Bias is what I flatly call "Conduct Unbecoming Of Intelligent

To address a "What Next" positive feedback can start with this delicious


I'm of a Headspace that also juggles gendering and ageing terms for
readability over all else, and the subtle dissonances of such terms can
indeed house some Culture Jamming comm paths:} Culture Jamming used
properly can crack closed minds open by forcing critical thinking to become

Yes- we CAN lose or gain  some  stylesheet points in some demographics..
but the greatest good for the greatest number has light and dark aspects to
weigh carefully.

 Are you- WE- reaching out to the mass of Females as a whole or a
sub-niche? Are we seeking COHESIVE inclusion or just plonking another
Clique into the deliciously anarchic stew called Noisebridge?

Hackerspace Moms and the Hacker Scouts are now past Fledgling status and
IMHO-standing on their own earned merits. There's from their example a few
stumbling blocks to pre-mitigate. And they are DAMNED huge fearsome ones to
me... When would we have a properly Chaperoned&Curated block of time for
kids to be introduced to their first "wow it lit up" event?? I may annoy a
few complacent folks and get murmurs of yeah- needed to be said...
But, Hiliare...You are facing an entrenched opposition to your project in
the form of folks who want you to be LESS. And pending our species
outgrowing such crap- our fight is that much harder.

 You raised the query of educators using NB as a "Hands-On" site if I am
reading you properly? Am I?

NB is tragically so *NOT* suited to be a minor child safe space 24/7... at
the present time by MY standards as a GRANDFATHER!

 Truth is as it is and either WE apply feedbackto make NB a place where my
11 year old daughter is safe alone there 24/7.. or we accept that reality
of conditional safety as something to work around pending the glorious day
when NB IS SAFE 24/7/365!

I felt a duty to raise this grim spot and wage Pogrom upon the Unsafety
perps so we CAN have a girl's group BE safe.  Anyone wishing to make
constructive comment- have at it- Flame me OFF LIST PLEASE but for the love
of GLub- let's not let Hiliare be run off by the Vulgarians we've been
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