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Andrew Byrne andrew at pachakutech.com
Fri Oct 18 00:30:26 UTC 2013

And a relevant link from our intrepid reporter, Holly McDede:
Ladies Last: 8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For
>From computer programming to nuclear fission to the paper bag machine, it's
time to stop erasing these women from their great works

Good read; I knew about Pert, but only b/c Sol Snyder is a legendary prick
like that.

On Oct 17, 2013 4:45 PM, "Hilaire Nollette" <metatecque at gmail.com> wrote:

Because I come from a background of education, i may read between the lines
where others don't...
They need a Lab... All the good labs of the 90's that were built for the
schools have become sadly deprecated (why can't we have nice things?)
Noisebridge has a fully functional electronics lab, and then some.

I am hearing from educators all over the bay (and the US) that technical
education is severely lacking in public-schools.

Can we be that Gap filler?
I am happy to teach, and I know others are.
I see Noisebridge as a "sandbox" where we can develop a model that makes
learning fun and easy.

Lemme see some positive feedback, please?

And Thank You,

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