[Noisebridge-discuss] SudoRoom blog puts NB to shame - Re: noisebridge blog - still confused

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Mon Oct 21 05:06:26 UTC 2013

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 08:34:29PM -0700, Romy Snowyla wrote:
> Sudoroom has a wordpress blog and they are very generous with giving
> people access. 
> I think it's simpler to admin a Wordpress blog.. But like certain

Simpler than what?  blog.noisebridge.net is wordpress as well.

> products like the iPhone I guess it might not be as customizable and
> hack able as the Noisebridge blog :) 
> Maybe people need to be selective about access because of spam and
> troll attacks?

I have no idea what you're talking about; the noisebridge blog is pretty
open to new contributors as well.  Here's what Rubin wrote last week:


> And again I'm fine with giving out accounts for the existing main blog
> to people who actually make things at Noisebridge, specifically for
> posting about projects happening at the space. Email me off list with a
> description of what awesome project you've worked on recently and I'll
> make you an account.

So if you want to blog, go ahead!  Sign up!  Blog!


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