[Noisebridge-discuss] SudoRoom blog puts NB to shame - Re: noisebridge blog - still confused

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Mon Oct 21 06:21:03 UTC 2013

Romy Snowyla wrote, On 2013-10-20 20:34:
> Sudoroom has a wordpress blog and they are very generous with giving
> people access.

So far in the history of Noisebridge, 13 people have asked for posting
access to the Noisebridge blog, and all have gotten it. The last person
to ask for access was Liz Henry in August of 2011. Since then (and
surprisingly with all this discussion lately) I haven't gotten a single
email requesting the ability to post to that blog.

I don't know what you mean by "they are very generous with giving people
access" and if that's in any contrast towards the Noisebridge blog, but
from where I'm standing those who've wanted posting access have all
gotten it, even though none of them are currently posting. Danny made
some hissy fit about posting and promising to make a post a day or week
or some such, but along with 4 other authors, hasn't made a single post.
13 authors out of 13 requests is the definition of generous to me.

I think Sudo Room is great and I'm glad that their online presence is so
active, however I wish they would hurry up and actually build a room
like their logo.

> I think it's simpler to admin a Wordpress blog.. But like certain
> products like the iPhone I guess it might not be as customizable and
> hack able as the Noisebridge blog :)

The Noisebridge blog runs off of the WordPress code base (not the same
as wordpress.com), which is fairly hackable and also (in its current
state) pretty easy to use.

> Maybe people need to be selective about access because of spam and
> troll attacks?

I setup the blog to feature posts about stuff actually happening in
Noisebridge. A few people asked in the early days if they could also use
it for their personal blog, this was discussed, and it was decided that
it's simply enough for those people to go and grab a free hosted blog
(like through wordpress.com) then to bog down on resources we're using
for Noisebridge, and it would have been cumbersome if someone wanted to
get an RSS feed expecting to see Noisebridge posts only to get content
not related to Noisebridge.

Also there was for a while a Planet Noisebridge that features a combined
feed of other hackers' RSS feeds, but it seems like no one was actually
reading it and it faded off into the sunset.

The bar for gaining authorship is fairly low and (aside from emailing
me), if you've been to Noisebridge, you can most likely make posts. The
requirements for gaining author access to blog.noisebridge.net are...

* You're actively making awesome stuff happen in the space
* The posts you make are about stuff also happening in the space
* You don't use the blog as a fire hose making more posts then need be
* You haven't already annoyed the community
* Send me an email describing the awesome stuff you do in Noisebridge
and ask for access

A good rule of thumb is if it'll get posted on the noisebridge-announce
list, then it could go on the blog too.

I hope this email addresses everything. With everything I've laid out
here, I would like to finish saying that it would be lovely to see the
blog take off again.

rubin at starset.net

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