[Noisebridge-discuss] SudoRoom blog puts NB to shame - Re: noisebridge blog - still confused

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 19:27:38 UTC 2013

Uh- just saying- Point Zero- the reading comprehension dig as I see it- is
way UN-Excellent mnnkay...

And from my Point-Of-View as a participant in online  life back to dial BBS
circa 1980's on... TRANSPARENCY in all possible areas of dialogs is the
BEST path for countless basic reasons.

To be 100% unambiguous about it- off list requests are a perception and
transparency FAIL. Oh- someone can say that only #n of requests were filed
but absent a public archive validation method- do we really feel safe in
saying that's so? Trust But Validate can banish a lot of drama:>

Here's the sober point: I feel we have a perception risk that folks apply
and are not granted access. From the off list request path alone.  I'd go
so far as to consider some list/blog admin stuff to warrant meeting minutes
even if only in a summary log reading into minutes. Because- failure do do
so leaves FUD.

 And failure to banish FUD  is Inherent Perception FAIL from step zero as
it raises the grim specter of many discriminatory scenes. And for that
alone- my comment on perception risk- should be weighed on it's merit of
Transparency as  a central tenet of Hackerdom.

We are supposed to be in all things ... a transparent, inclusive process
and group. Are we being that or not? Forgive me if I as a "spiritual
member" seem to have overstepped.  But DO ask each other to weigh my points
on their merits alone.
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