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giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Mon Oct 21 19:41:03 UTC 2013

Oren- great comment!  :)

It would be great if you added this to a NB Success Patterns wiki page,
linked from the top of the nb home psge.


On Mon, Oct 21, 2013, at 12:27 PM, Oren Beck wrote:
> Uh- just saying- Point Zero- the reading comprehension dig as I see it-
> is
> way UN-Excellent mnnkay...
> And from my Point-Of-View as a participant in online  life back to dial
> circa 1980's on... TRANSPARENCY in all possible areas of dialogs is the
> BEST path for countless basic reasons.
> To be 100% unambiguous about it- off list requests are a perception and
> transparency FAIL. Oh- someone can say that only #n of requests were
> filed
> but absent a public archive validation method- do we really feel safe in
> saying that's so? Trust But Validate can banish a lot of drama:>
> Here's the sober point: I feel we have a perception risk that folks apply
> and are not granted access. From the off list request path alone.  I'd go
> so far as to consider some list/blog admin stuff to warrant meeting
> minutes
> even if only in a summary log reading into minutes. Because- failure do
> do
> so leaves FUD.
>  And failure to banish FUD  is Inherent Perception FAIL from step zero as
> it raises the grim specter of many discriminatory scenes. And for that
> alone- my comment on perception risk- should be weighed on it's merit of
> Transparency as  a central tenet of Hackerdom.
> We are supposed to be in all things ... a transparent, inclusive process
> and group. Are we being that or not? Forgive me if I as a "spiritual
> member" seem to have overstepped.  But DO ask each other to weigh my
> points
> on their merits alone.
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