[Noisebridge-discuss] Omar: Please don't "re-build" the network

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 19:49:00 UTC 2013

Advocating for sanity as it's own path:>

Decades ago we used to yank sites from LA36 terminals on dial
modem>mainframe.. screamingly forwards to that year's best affordable kit.
Same debates and team fragging applied then as now.

So- we devised a process not yet improved on: Build the next generation of
kit- thence validate it's stability in ramped up production- before daring
to propose EoL on the old kit/network.

I would approach the NB site in a similar proven mode. Obtain a new
rack/cabinet, new cabling- et all- and deploy alongside the existing
functional chaos. LAVISHLY annotate/document/LABEL REDUNDANTLY all cables
and jack fields etc whilst so doing.  The next person to service/maintain
interoperability will be one of us:>   So our craft level will either haunt
or bless us.  Never forget that.

Snip to the recap- Build a new infrastructure before touching the existing-
we're golden.

And thence begin a slow, deliberative  migration of non-mission critical
loads to the new AWESOME build that was engineered to show our best.  I do
so hope the build showcases the maybe several person-centuries of tech life
experience this collective has between us.

I'd also gently direct architecture of running ample spare cables to be
tagged as such for expansion.
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