[Noisebridge-discuss] amendments to membership proposal - associate members and 24/7 hours

girlgeek girlgeek at wt.net
Wed Oct 23 18:13:33 UTC 2013

After 11PM is another privilege of membership.  Most places are closed 
by then.  It is a perfectly reasonable requirement.
Would you really not return to a place that let you hack for free all 
day, but closed to non members at 11PM?

On 10/23/2013 12:37 AM, Alan Rockefeller wrote:
> I suggest we keep the policy and perhaps expand it to all hours, but 
> add “unless they are hacking something“.
> Or add the language “consider not enforcing this on people who are 
> clearly being productive.“
> I love the idea of kicking out the bums and have kicked a more than a 
> few out myself, I just hate to see a rigid one size fits all policy 
> applied to people who are using the space for its intended purpose.
> I worry that people who are asked to leave while being excellent might 
> not return.   That is not the intent of this policy at all, but it is 
> bound to happen given the current language.
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