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poets, lovers and hacker manic makers! here's a poetry contest for ya!
Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award
 Fri, 09/27/2013 - 09:43

*Fourteen Hills* is proud to announce the inaugural *Stacy Doris Memorial
Poetry Award*. Guest judge is poet Chet Wiener. The winning poet will
receive *$500* and publication in the Spring 2014 issue of *Fourteen Hills*.
There is no submission fee. Poems not chosen for the award will be
considered for publication in *Fourteen Hills*.
Stacy Doris<http://www.poetryfoundation.org/harriet/2012/02/with-respect-stacy-doris-1962-2012/>
an Associate Professor in San Francisco State University’s Creative Writing
Department <http://creativewriting.sfsu.edu/>, where she taught for ten
years. Her work as a translator and a poet is widely recognized, and her
most recent posthumous collection, *Fledge: A Phenomenology of
*, which poet Maxine Chernoff has referred to as “a miracle of
attentiveness,” is available from Nightboat Books.

Her other books include *Paramour *(Krupskaya, 2000), *The Cake Part*, *Knot
* (University of Georgia Press, 2006), *Cheerleader’s Guide to the World:
Council Book* (Roof Books, 2006), *Conference* (Potes & Poets, 2001), *Une
Année à New York avec Chester*(P.O.L., 2000), *La vie de Chester Steven
Wiener ecrite par sa femme* (P.O.L., 1998), and *Kildare* (Segue
Foundation, 1994).

She was also a translator, known for her work with contemporary French
poetry. She co-edited two anthologies, *Twenty One New (to North America)
French Writers* (Raddle Moon, 1997) and *Violence of the White Page* (with
Emmanuel Hocquard, Tyuonyi, 1991).

Doris was always creating new worlds with her unexpected poetics. Following
upon that spirit of creative invention and inventive creation; engaging wit
and ingenious playfulness; discovery in construction; and radical
appropriations based on classical forms, pastiche, and love:
the Stacy Doris Memorial Poetry Award will be given for a poem with a *truly
inventive spirit*.

Additional Requirements:

   - Submission deadline: *January 1, 2014*
   - Submissions only accepted via
   - No minimum length; maximum 10 pages
   - Maximum 1 poem per author
   - Students currently enrolled at San Francisco State University are
   - Any poetry submitted for the award will also be considered for
   publication in *Fourteen Hills*

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