[Noisebridge-discuss] Girls Hack

Elizabeth Hubbard annie.nutt at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 18:07:31 UTC 2013

Brink of Complexity.  I have no interest in power when it comes to 13 year old girls or influence (unless it's good influence).  However, since you brought feminism into it and the challenges of our predecessors, I challenge you to be in a challenge with me over who is the more active feminist, me or you.  Challenge starts now.  Yesterday, I took up for another feminist who was getting bullied and offered to insure the equality of 13 year old girls.  I offered to efficiently kick ass for feminism.  I have kicked ass for the cause of feminism and taking up for people in general, including myself, I was bullied by sexists heinously.  I've risen from the kind of situation you could write theses on (arguing feminist stuff with ignorant people the entire time) and still not have everything written down (miserable the whole time because it's extremely negative and telling of human nature), to being a comedy screenwriter who worked for a New York Times bestselling author (a lady) who gave me 5 stars out of 5 stars.  I've survived the sort of violence that normally kills people in books, for feminism, almost dying and not complaining much at all, considering it took two days to get to the hospital.  Too ill to complain.  Given antibiotics.  A decade and a half passed with me being damn cheerful considering.  I taught my 7 year old son to be a feminist through example rather than indoctrination, and lived my entire life for my family and for myself, and for feminism.  Lifted a grill that took two men to lift after one of them told me to let a man do it.  Taught myself how to code on the internet, and to speak, read, and write in several languages (human languages, half of them non-Indo-European), which means I can argue with chauvinists in more languages now, like Yoruba.  Taught a 29 year old man how to read and use a computer, which also furthers the cause of feminism through the creation of another feminist.  So I've done a lot for feminism so far.  If you want to talk about who's diminishing who's challenges and achievements, you'd be a fool to diminish mine.  Also, as a polite person, I never criticize volunteers or fast-food workers, but you're welcome to do that if you want to; best time is one minute before they give you your food.  I can make an exception for you when it comes to criticizing volunteers, since you're asking so nicely that I do it.  Also, after your comment about diminishing the social challenges of our predecessors, I got the PTSD shakes for twenty minutes.  Really, I survived torture and human trafficking, spouting feminist ideals since birth, to be told I'm somehow diminishing the challenges of other women?  I'm sure your challenges were so hard in comparison to mine, seriously, I mean that.

Your turn.  What have you done for feminism?

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