[Noisebridge-discuss] Fwd: Why I sent a lot of emails to the list tonight.

spinach williams spinach.williams at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 14:31:02 UTC 2013

> the reason why i sent a lot of emails to the list tonight is because I
wanted to keep each update and subject separate. I am not spamming the list
nor wish to not be considered that I am.
> In addition I don't like the list and wish we would "end of line" it and
start over it is now for some the only thing that updates and represents
Noisebridge for some people. It is a system that is so toxic in drama that
a lot of positivity of NB gets drowned out.

sounds like an act of willful sabotage, purposely using a system you don't
like in a way which, while technically not incorrect, slows things down for
the express purpose of proving your point. do what you do, but own it next
time. the entire series of messages could've been summed together in a
textfile and sent out as a newsletter -- single message, folks still pick
and choose what to respond to, the mass of it encourages anyone responding
to take their time doing so and really think it out. you know,
consideration in return for consideration. of course a mailing list is
unsuitable for up to the minute surveillance, rob, that's not the culture a
list embodies.

> The funny thing is that I spoke with a hacker from another space, and
they said they were having the same problems with there list, so I kind of
smirk-thinking that this may be a systemic problem across many hacker
spaces and their drama filled lists.

this is going to happen. we're a bunch of different people using a space
that's been open for ages. cultures shift and methods of using the space
that worked before don't anymore. gotta listen to each other and change
some shit around. it'd be a lot quieter if we listened to folks different
from us in good faith. though dramatic, it isn't drama -- here's living,
breathing people who deserve respect, even in the event we cannot share
space together. the reason you heard about it happening in another space is
that space is making the same mistakes in preserving a system long after
it's gone toxic. at least then you know it isn't just us repeatedly failing
those we sell this dream to.

that said, good job reporting on a latenight, maybe apply that constant
push energy into rolling out a tracker (ugh, doesn't even hide its
surveillence) system rather than insisting to us we need one. do-ocracy,

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