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Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 12:14:08 UTC 2013

1. The front cubbies have been replaced with the original, long, art,
table, with three public terminals on it. In addition to that I have placed
a lot of networking gear there so people can do some network hacking and
learn the basics of how switches and routers work. These three public
terminals are also to supplement the machines that shall be dedicated to
their sole uses, such as 3D printing, vinyl cutting, and laser cutting.

2. There is now a dedicated computer at the 3D printer station.

4. The sowing area has been consolidated to two main tables instead of
three, so that now only one table has to be moved for 5 minutes of fame.

5. The kitchen has been kept immaculate for the longest time, and people
can insta-gib... food-hack instantaneously.

6. The mini-florecent tubed lighting system at the electric bench arched
and shut off. (Perhaps repairs are needed with better safety... Third

7. All of the development controllers and kits that I could find have been
relocated from on top of the electronics, tool, shelves, into the server
closet so they don't get mistakenly hacked (and until a more dedicated
place is created for them (like a shelf with a door).

8. The laser cutter & vinly cutter computer crashed via an attempt to
repair Windows and remove the crap on it (even though it is a virus it's
self). I working on the Windows 7 reinstall. In addition to that I am
chatting with another hacker about writing drivers for it for Linux. I will
chat with him about possibly writing drivers for the vinyl cutter as well.
I think these would also be awesome community projects to work on.

9. I am working on collecting and proposing parts needed for an 8 foot by 4
foot CNC with the help of other Hackers.

10. The back star well has been soft-boarded up (lightly nailed) to deter
the storage of personal belongings at the space.

11. Have been actively relocating any personal baggage in the form of bags
or clothes to the RADIO-ACTIVE CORRIDOR AREA (the trash / elevator room) if
it they have been in the same place for more then 24 hours.

12. And yes not sleeping, nor even napping, but just here at Noisebridge
still hacking up the space by, cleaning and setting up dedicated electronic
stations on the work benches. In addition to that we have a lot of unused,
electronic, equipment here, and if a knowledgeable Hacker could help me go
through it and separate it into working - needs repairs - broken, that
would be awesome.

13. The reason why I Hack it up at Noisebridge so much, hacking it up on
the infrastructure and upcomming app, is because I truly & full heartedly
am thankful for being introduced to Noisebridge and hacker culture 5 years
ago; through my web developer friend at the time, whether it be space
hackers, electronic hackers, software hackers, food hackers, sex hackers,
life hackers, neuro-hackers, art-hackers, robot hackers, math hackers,
sleep hackers, engineer hackers, health hackers, peace hackers,
transportation hackers, environment hackers and of course hacker space

14. i H at K N8!!!

Radiant Ambition Yields Change
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