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Norman - Great stuff here!

I think it would be great if you put some of this on the NB Radio page.

Do you have a wiki account yet?
It only takes a minute to set up.
The links are especially important.
Would you like to put this on the page?

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013, at 06:22 PM, Norman Bradley wrote:
> A while back people were talking about getting a part of the Radio 
> Spectrum for Noisebridge. Well here it is. I can work out the technical 
> parts but somebody else needs to take care of the filings. The window of 
> opportunity is October 15-29, 2013 and for the first time urban stations 
> will be allowed. The license holder must have been in the community for 
> at least 2 years.
> The range is about 10 miles although given our location at the bottom of 
> a valley I wouldn't bet on it. With this power it is line-of-sight. We 
> should be able to hit Dolores Park and most of the Market Street area 
> from the Civic Center North. Bayview and Hunter's Point? Forget it there 
> is a hill in the way. These are just guesses.
> We need to prove that we won't interfere with existing stations. That 
> starts with just walking around the Mission and listening to your FM 
> Radio. The more technical details I will work out with some modeling 
> software later.
> The FCC is giving extra points to stations that will be on the air at 
> least 20 hours a day and is "publicly accessible". A good time to reach 
> out to our neighbors. I am assuming that some of that can be 
> pre-recorded or streamed in from the net. If it is coming over the net 
> we will need to be very careful about who has access. There's that whole 
> no profanity rule.
> So let us get K - - - on the air. KNOS, NBRG, KNOI are all taken and it 
> must start with a K, West of the Mississippi and all.
> So here are some of the relevant web sites:
> The original article from John Hightower: 
> http://otherwords.org/get-radio-active/
> The Prometheus Radio Project, "Freeing the airwaves from corporate 
> control": http://www.prometheusradio.org/
> More information from Prometheus: 
> http://www.prometheusradio.org/FCC_Update_June2013
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