[Noisebridge-discuss] Fwd: Why I sent a lot of emails to the list tonight.

Kevin Schiesser bfb at riseup.net
Tue Sep 17 07:34:53 UTC 2013

On 09/13/2013 06:27 AM, spinach williams wrote:
> > What traditional systems have gone toxic at Noisebridge? The toxic 
> tradition of strict adherence to tradition? The expectation that it 
> will always be the same as we left it? I see a good number of people 
> making a good faith effort to communicate and in Rob's case, to 
> upgrade Noisebridge infrastrcture. It's challenging, hilarious and 
> inspiring to be there.
> off the top, recounting what i've seen since april of this year: 
> discussions over use of space almost always boiling down to classism;
It's so sad when a class card is pulled to deny someone access to 
Noisebridge. It does happen. I recall hearing someone tell someone else 
that Noisebridge wasn't a place to fill out applications. I disagreed 
and offered to help. We created a throw-away email address together and 
sent off an application to the church of satan. Certainly not a 
satanist, but glad to offer some internet help.

It's hard to listen when I hear people to say 'this is what 
da-dad-da-daa ....'

> asinine expectectations that a victim of sexual assault would show up 
> to be interrogated by a group including their alleged attacker who is 
> presumed by the loudest among us unfairly persecuted;
Currently in mediation and has been hard on everyone. Wishing to learn a 
best way to handle sexual assault. I tend towards Tom's disposition. 
Easy enough to reject someone from participating, rather than dive into 
the details.
> several people in the space taking it upon themselves to survey anyone 
> who doesn't look like everybody else there;
I wear a red shit on Sunday nights. It's dangerous to be on the front lines.
> an assumption, by many there, into the personal space of every woman 
> who enters.
Fuck that
> there's possibly more, i just woke up.
Good morning and welcome to 2169.
> the space isn't welcoming to people who don't fit a very narrow social 
> band -- if you fit, it's going to be an inspiring place to do 
> incredible work; if you don't, every visit will be punctuated by a 
> clear message you are not wanted or safe here. doesn't help that any 
> protest to that effect is written off as drama and ignored.
> -spinach
P.S. I realize now now that you ment the mailman mailing list is not 
particularly good at hourly updates, a broken traditional system, and 
that twitter excels at this. If I recall correctly there have been 
several Noisebridge Twitter accounts, and possibly an attempt to create 
haiku of mailing list posts via twitter?? Maybe someone would post the 
credentials on a whiteboard at noisebridge, on the mailing list? etc?

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